Monday, December 31, 2007

Mommy Brain and Kissing the Cat

For me, there is never a dull moment raising three kids ages 4 and under. In fact, I don’t remember the last time that I was bored. Speaking of remembering, I still have a bad case of “Mommy brain.” My short term memory (even the long term memory) seems to have shorted out.

Just the other day I was talking to my husband on the phone and there was something cute and significant that my three year old had said that I couldn’t recall to tell him. I remember thinking when she said it that I had to remember this and then the typical crazy stuff happened and of course, I forgot all about it. Last night while I was brushing my teeth I had a flashback as to what that something that the three year old had said was. She was showing me a scratch on her foot. I asked her how she got that, and she replied that Pokey (our cat) had scratched her. I carted her off to the bathroom to get a band aid and antibacterial ointment, and I asked her why Pokey had scratched her (that’s not really like him).

She replied, “Because I was brushing him.”

“What were you brushing him with?” I asked.

“The brush teeth (otherwise known as a toothbrush)” she replied.

I began to scold her and asked which toothbrush she had used, fully expecting it to be either hers or one of her siblings since they were easily accessible.

She honestly answered, “It was the noisy one.”

I demanded that she show me which one, and she took me out of her bathroom into my bathroom where she pointed out my electric toothbrush that was sitting on the sink. Did I mention that I recalled all of this WHILE I was brushing my teeth? Funny how memory works sometimes.