Friday, February 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It just dawned on me. Today marks the one year anniversary of moving into our home. Of course, this isn't a very accurate picture. Imagine the skies a dismal grey and the yard and driveway covered with an icy slush. The funny thing is, the weather conditions are exactly the same today as the day we moved in. I remember the movers weren't happy with us because the driveway was a frozen mess, but we had just signed for the house the day before after having driven across the country with three children (ages 3 and under, a cat, dog, and all the stuff we could cram into a van and sedan.) Not to mention on the trip we had visited the ER in Indianapolis with a sick 4 month old and had to do breathing treatments. Ah, the memories!
The move had come rather suddenly. We were notified at the beginning of January that we were to move here by February 21st, not even a month and a half notice. Thankfully the Army provides movers, but it was still a stretch moving with a newborn, a toddler and a pre-schooler. However, some dear friends of our watched the girls for a weekend (at the end of January) while hubby, baby and I flew out here to meet with our realtor. This was the last house we saw, and we loved it. Three weeks later we had signed the papers and the house was ours (thankfully the owners had already moved to Alaska, so we didn't have to wait for them to move out.) It's a good size for us- 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths- not too much space to clean, but my favorite part is a finished basement. I have my crafting stuff down there along with the majority of the kids' toys.
My other favorite part of the house (not to mention the windows which let in lots of natural light and the laminate wood floors in the dining room and basement- pergo-something or other, and tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms) are our neighbors. They are very friendly and incredibly helpful. One of our neighbors sons mowed our grass this summer and they also shovel out the driveway. Knowing our situation they watch out for us and call if they haven't seen us in awhile. We are very blessed.
The other interesting tid-bit about our home is that many of the previous owners have moved from here to exotic locations (according to our neighbor who has been here 20 yrs.) We're either the 6th or 7th owners, and the people who previously lived here did, in fact, move to Alaska. There was another military family here with 3 kids who moved to Hawaii. It'll be interesting if the same remains true for us.
On a side note, my entries will remain few and far between as I finish up my 12 page paper and prepare for a 9+ hour drive with the kiddos next week. However, a week from today we will hopefully be in my hubby's lovin' arms for 3 weeks. I can hardly wait!!! I'm praying for clear weather on Wednesday as we take off!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We celebrated our 5th anniversary in our house. It's the longest I've ever lived at one address in my whole entire life!!

I'm excited for you for your visit with your hubby. I'm sure you are all just beside yourselves!

Tech Daddy said...

This month marks the 5th year we've been in our house. It does not seem that long. But neither does it seem like I should have a four year-old turning five in May.

jeanetta said...

o yea girl. so glad you guys will be together for a while and that soon all the long separation should be over.