Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dancin' fools

Due to our "situation" this year, I decided that routines were a must for our household. I also thought it would be a great idea for my older two to have an outlet. However, because it was entirely on me to drive them to and from their "outlets" I also knew it had to be fairly simple (I firmly believe in one activity per child.) Therefore, I was thrilled to find a dance school that had a class that both of my girls could participate in together, and it taught beginner ballet, tap, and acro.

My girls loved it from the start. It was a little pricey but still reasonable, and a few of my friends also joined with their daughters. Every Monday afternoon we went to the dance studio for an hour, and while my friends and I chatted our girls learned the basics of dance and some coordination (which if they are anything like their mother they need all the help they can get.) Also, it was a great thing for their grandparents to give them as gifts as opposed to more clutter, I mean, toys.

From when I signed up I knew there was a recital in our future. I paid for two costumes each (one for tap and one for ballet), and I was pleased with music selection ("Personality" and "Give the Girl a Hand"). I wasn't pleased with a rehearsal on Mother's Day weekend, and I really wasn't happy that the recital was scheduled for the evening of Father's Day. Not sure why it was planned that way other than we had to use a high school auditorium. However, I knew the experience would be good for my kids, and my oldest had been pining for the day when she could dance on stage.

We were blessed that my husband was able to be present for the recital (he wasn't supposed to be back until July), and my in-laws came to watch their only granddaughters dance their little hearts out. Long story short, this particular dance studio offers many classes from little tots to teenagers and participates in competitions. Therefore, ALL of their dancers participated in at least two dance numbers, and the show went on for over 2 1/2 hours with no intermission. I also cringed as I put make-up on my babies faces- just seemed too grown up AND I didn't want them to get any ideas about hitting Mommy's stash of cosmetics. But that wasn't the worst part of it. No, several of the older age groups had, well, rather mature dances. Lets just say that it wasn't really the classical aspects of the dance, and some of the girls just lacked a pole, if you know what I mean. Seriously, one of the ending numbers was "Moulin Rouge," and the girls, beautiful teenagers, wore something out of a "Fredrick's of Hollywood" catalog including thigh high pantyhose. I was very embarrassed to be sitting in between my husband and father-in-law, and SO thankful that my girls couldn't see the show.

My little ones did a great job, and now they can play to their hearts content with their costumes. IF we decide to take dance classes next year it won't be with this same studio- although I really loved their teachers, and I'm debating whether or not to write the director a letter nicely explaining why we won't be returning next year. However, in order to help foster well-rounded children I think playing soccer might be a fun thing that won't require make-up or a fancy costume.


jeanetta said...

it becoming harder and harder to find true ballet teachers. and ones that don't turn you babies into hoochy mamas at the ripe old age of 7.
i had a similar experience at the kids talent show this year at school. the kids in the audience were even embarrassed as a group of disney pocahontas wanna bes and ,get this, leotard and chap clad cowgirls dance to the song indian outlaw.
there is too much emphasis coming from the cheer leading side of the thing in my opinion.
we are enjoying swim lessons this summer for both my kids and if phoebe ever feels she wants something a bit more girlie-fied maybe i'll search out a water ballet class. lol. at least her bottom half will be int he water most of the time.

Tim & Leslie said...

Anna just started dance last week, and I love that the studio where she is only uses Christian music and they are modest about what they wear! Your girls are too cute!I hope you find a place where they can continue!

Julie said...

interesting... i was thinking of dance classes for dani later on, since she loves it, but i have also noticed that hoochie trend. very disconcerting. soccer is also another option for us, so let me know how your girls like it. glad the kids are enjoying their summer!

AmandaJo said...

Hi Sarah! Oh my goodness, to find a way to communicate with you! Its Amanda Haugen and its so funny because Gabi was just talking about Hannah today. I'm' thinking I must need to do the blogspot thing. I have a myspace page but, nothing this great! I'll have to try it out. Meanwhile, how are you! Oh my goodness how the kids have grown! We are okay. Visiting First Pres, I'm doing stepping up B. Moore there right now, Gabi stars kindergarten in about a month and we just got Sawyer all potty trained.

A Dusty Frame said...

Your girls are sweet:).

I think the costumes/mature dances are a problem everywhere.

It's sad that they can't learn dance without the rest of it.