Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here we are!

I honestly hadn't intended on abandoning my blog for so long. Nothing happened that was earth-shattering here, just keeping up with day to day living and trying to enjoy the precious moments with my family. I figured for my first post back I would do a brief recap of the last two + months.

The biggest event of December was enjoying my family visiting for Christmas. Although things were a little tight in our 3 bedroom house with 6 adults and 4 children, we had a wonderful Christmas.

H also lost her first tooth with the help of an apple.

I managed to fit in a quilting project. This was my precious niece's "I Spy" quilt with pictures of family. Since they will be moving back to the other side of the world, I thought it would be a good way for her to stay familiar with our faces.

There were also many classroom parties and Christmas performances.

E was a sweet little angel.

And of course there were parties at hubby's work.

Visits with Santa, and thankfully no one screamed this year. :)We celebrated the true reason for the season.

And after all the relatives left, we have dealt with snow, snow, snow, and did I mention, snow... However, since I was "deprived" of the stuff growing up, I haven't tired of watching it yet, just not of fan of driving in it.


Jerusalem said...

Hi friend!!Your kids are SO big and adorable! Looks like you guys had a great holiday!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

That quilt is a fantastic idea!!

The Blessed Bryants said...

Glad you all are doing well and had a nice visit with your parents over Christmas! I love the quilt idea! She'll treasure that forever! AND...I agree about the snow. Don't want to drive in it but I never get tired of seeing it since we never got to as youngin's. :-)
Love you! Missy