Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Cast for a Character

First of all, I must say after a good night's rest, I was able to put things into better perspective. Thankfully, D's fracture does not affect his growth plate, and the cast will come off in 3 weeks. I'm also very grateful it wasn't his leg as a dear friend of mine's 3 year old broke his femur, and my hat goes of to that strong lady.

D got his cast on this morning. I realized what a crazy scrapbooker I am when halfway to the appointment I almost turned around to get my camera. However, Mr. Happy-go-lucky turned into Mr. Scream-my-lungs-out when they began applying the cast, so I wouldn't have gotten any pictures anyway. Poor little guy just didn't understand what was going on and no lolly pops or any treat could calm him down. I was blessed with a very understanding doctor and nurses who were patient with my son (and me) and had us out of the office in record time. It took D about an hour to really acclimate to his cast, and although he still wants me to take it off, he's adjusting just fine (so much so he's using it as a "weapon of mass destruction" against his sisters.)

Telling family about his boo-boo.

Nothing is slowing this kid down.

And last but not least, the offending bench.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

That?! He fell off THAT and broke a bone?! Wow! Yeah it's only 3 weeks!!

Jerusalem said...

oh my! What a day or 2 u have had poor girl! I miss you mucho. Been thinking about you a lot. We need to find a way to get together soon(ish.) Your kids are growing up too fast!!