Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can You Read?

Visitors to our home, BEWARE, shortly after you sit down and make yourself at home, you can expect to get "the question"from all three of my children. Since this past weekend we have been blessed with three sets of visitors to our home. It doesn't matter if you stay the night, are just passing through, old, young, married, or single, they couldn't care less. That's the litmus test of our kids, whether or not you will read to them. They LOVE books, and we have lots of them. Usually I will try to save the guest after one or maybe two books, but if you stay a little while, you can expect to get asked again and again and again.


Tif / Halu-Halo said...

My kids are like this! lol..I always have to forewarn my guests :0)