Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Something's Fishy

I really should be doing many other things, but I just had to share the quilt that I made for my daughter's pre-K class (I finished it while we were traveling with hubby.) I can't take credit for the idea. It came from Marcia Layton's book Handprint Quilts. Each child had their hands dipped in paint and then the teachers embellished the prints with "puffy" paints. Although it's hard to see, I sewed on sequins for bubbles and made little waves with a blue thread. I also added each child's picture and made it look like bubbles in the center of the quilt. It will be auctioned off to help raise money for the school, and I have to say that it's probably one of my favorite quilts- VERY easy to make. (But I won't be buying it back since the minimum bid is $200.)


jeanetta said...

oh too cute what a great idea. i was wondering what quilting projects you had been into lately.

Amy H said...

What a cute quilt!! Good luck on the auction!

The Blessed Bryants said... did such a good job on the quilt!! I love it and what a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

A Dusty Frame said...

So cute:)!

Marc and Charity said...

What a great idea! too cute!!!