Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Milestone

Tonight my three year old declared while getting dressed for bed that she would wear panties tonight and didn't want a pull-up. Just like that she took the final steps to being "completely" potty-trained. Thank goodness I didn't buy another box of pull-ups while at Costco today because my son surely won't wear princess ones.

I'm thrilled, but a little part of me is torn. My babies are growing up. Well, DUH!

Like a very wise woman once said, "These are the longest days but the shortest years."


Jerusalem said...

it's so true!!! congrats to big girl Ella!!

Marc and Charity said...

yes, that quote is great, thank you for sharing it with me too.

Cerys sleeps in her panties now too, I'm happy about not buying pull ups, but I got so tired of changing the sheets in the night!!! but, she's done great for about 3 accidents!

jeanetta said...

trust me in a pinch you will put any kind of pull up on them when needed whether its pink or blue. lol

Stephanie said...

Three cheers for being potty trained. Hip Hip Hooray!!!