Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Sign of Global Warming

I had another title for this posting, but I was afraid that it might offend some readers. It's not anything I really say either, but when my husband called me this morning it was the first thing that popped in my head after I thought, "I have to write about this..."
I could tell something was going on by the tone in his voice. That always puts me on edge because of where he is right now. Plus he doesn't always call first thing in the morning either.
He told me about how he was leaving his "hooch" and upon opening the door he was hit with...snow.
Yep, it was snowing in Iraq.
I live in the northeast, and we had rain and record high temps for January. My husband had snow, in the dessert, in Iraq. I wonder just how common that is...


Marc and Charity said...

we can get Fox news here and we heard that this morning! how crazy is that!!! i'm sure they enjoyed seeing it!

jeanetta said...

ok i am dying to know what your other title was

Stephanie said...

I'm with Jeanetta. What was the orginal title? = )

Snow in the desert is pretty unexpected!

Sarah said...

OK, it only seemed appropriate because there is a phrase that says, "War is 'hades,'" and Balad is horribly hot in the summer. But I was thinking, "When 'hades' freezes over." I know, I'm silly, but whatever!!
I did hear later that in over 100 years they have not had snow in that area. pretty crazy stuff.

Stephanie said...

Makes me wonder if some poor guy over there was feeling really homesick for some white stuff and someone prayed him up some snow. = )