Thursday, January 10, 2008

Storms A Comin'

We had two glorious days of record highs. This "southern" girl doesn't venture outside too long in freezing weather, so this winter we haven't done much outdoor activity. The laundry was screaming my name and the Christmas decorations were begging to be put away, but I decided to take advantage of the fabulous weather and go where we have not ventured for months- the zoo.

The girls were ecstatic about seeing the polar bears and that's all they talked about during the drive there. Wouldn't you know, after I had loaded them up on the stroller and walked up the hill to the entrance a large sign stood there informing us that the polar bear exhibit was closed for the week due to maintenance. SIGH! Nevertheless, I told the kids that although the polar bears were on "vacation" there were still plenty more animals to see. They took the news relatively well.

The animals did not disappoint. Because of the unseasonable weather and a storm on the way, the animals were, well, wild. In light of recent events I was a little unnerved by the tiger exhibit, but my oldest daughter stared the big cat down. The lion roared for about 10 minutes straight. The wild dogs were always sleeping whenever we've visited in the past, but they were out and running around. Even the sea lions were very active. One kept on coming up to the viewing window. I think it was interested in some quarters a little boy was playing with.

Of course my kids found a fuzzy caterpillar very fascinating and spent more time looking at it than any of the other exhibits!

It was truly a day well spent. When we returned home the laundry was still screaming, but the Christmas decorations are now just about put away since the weather is returning to normal. So nice to have a little respite!


Tech Daddy said...

Looks like a great time.

Every year for the past couple of years we have purchased a family membership at the local zoo. It's a great investment. The kids love to go and since we have a membership, we don't have to spend the whole day there so that we get our money's worth. Stephanie will often take the kids during a week day so that it's not very crowded.

Stephanie said...

We had 2 beautiful days as well. 60! In January! CRAZY! My guys spent those days in the backyard climbing, swinging and playing with sticks. And burning off energy. Yes!! And I got some much need housework. Not to mention relief for my ears because they were really starting to aggravate each other (and me). But now we're back to more normal Jan. temps.