Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Future President

In light of the impending presidential election, I thought I would add a little levity. Apparently in our image conscious society potential candidates have a better change of winning the presidency if they have a great head of hair (my husband claims it's true). If his current head of hair is any indication, my son is a "shoe in."

The one physical trait he got from me is curly hair. In comparison to my daughters, he has more body and curl, and it's grown rather evenly (both girls had mullets). However, he's getting to the point that he needs a hair cut (he's been called a girl too many times for this sensitive mommy.) The good news is that Daddy will be coming home for a visit a month from today and so I'm going to hold off until he's home. They can do some male-bonding over at the barber shop.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Why is the best hair and and eye lashes are always given to the boys?! = )

jeanetta said...

it still not as long as i let lukes get before i cut it. get ready for a good cry afterwards becasue your cute little boy will look 2 years older. lol.
lukes was crazy long when i washed it it went almost to his shoulder blades. i loved his curly red hair. i always dressed him like a boy and could never figure out why people thought he looked like a girl.
but when i look back at pictures.... i feel bad becasue he did look like a girl. :)

A Dusty Frame said...

Aww;) what a cutie